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Video filming services. Prices start from as little as £150 for one hour ceremony or event coverage filming.



Planing to hold an amazing event? The best way to remember all the details is to be able to come back to it at any time. Use your final video to share with your friends, send it to your sponsors. Invite people who attended it to join your social networking sites by sharing the video. Price starts at £400.



We offer a 90-120 second video to represent your business. Tell your strengths, values and show why you are better than your competitors Use this video to gain trust from clients and partners. Share it all over your social networking platforms. Price from £500.



A minimum of 4 hours coverage of your special day. Bride or groom preparation, ceremony and a reception will be filmed for £800. Longer coverage is highly recommended and the price will be suited according to your needs. For more details leave a message below.



I am Justina Rudé

I do script writing, camera operating, directing, editing for films! And I love doing this. The best thing for you is to check my videos and, if you like any of them just drop me a message below.


  • Phone: 0756 4036 703
  • Email:justina@jr-mediaproduction.co.uk