Moldovian Wedding

In the beginning of March we filmed this beautiful wedding reception for lovely Alina and Radu. It was held in the London Stratford Town Hall. As the groom is from Moldavia, the wedding was full of their special greetings, games, dances and other traditions. Please take a moment to notice the cake. It was made as a gift by brides friend. Just imagine how good it was, as it was so personal. All of the food was great too and they were kind enough to supply us with a separate table full of delicacies. I am still looking for some of the recipes online, so I could enjoy those meals again.

To check out the beautiful pictures you can visit I. V. Photo website. Here is some our behind the scenes photos.

This is how the couple got their film delivered on DVD. We were trying to keep their white-golden theme while creating the DVD style. Our DVDs are always custom made for every couple.

wedding dvd collage justina rude

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