The Large Celebration

At the end of May, We were filming the wedding for sweet Nimi and Pat. It was an Asian wedding and we were filming two out of four days of celebration. I have to say that this was the most traveled wedding we had so far. We had to split into two teams to be able to be there for the bride and the groom getting ready, and the distance between them was 2.30 hours drive. In total we have made 900 kilometers (!) – the groom’s team and 800 kilometers - the bride’s team.

Nonetheless, I have to call this wedding Grand. The dress, the car, the guests’ outfits, but the most of all the venue, were unforgettable. I have never seen such a big venue decorated so beautifully! The DJ stage was bigger than they have it at some concerts. It was sure a great fun to dance at the reception. Here are a few snaps of the venue to share with you.

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